Principal's Corner

Welcome to East Perry Elementary- Home of the MINERS! We have a wonderful school with a dedicated and committed faculty whose main goal is to provide the best education possible to the students at East Perry Elementary and the surrounding community. East Perry was established in 2013 creating the beginning of an exceptional educational environment where students are the top priority and success is viewed as a necessity for the preparation of student endeavors for the 21st century.

The involvement of all stakeholders is extremely important for the achievement of our students. There are several ways for everyone to contribute to the success of our educational environment. Encouragement and support for students by parents and staff, as well as, effort and commitment from students, contribute to the attainment of student growth. I want to encourage students to maintain good attendance and to do their very best in class and on assessments.

Student progress can be monitored on statewide and district assessments, report cards (grades), and daily assignments/homework. Feel free to ask questions to your child’s teacher(s) and administrators at East Perry. We are here for you and your children! 

Again, all stakeholders share responsibility in the success of student achievement. I am excited about what is taking place in our school and the progress that will be made in the future. The students at East Perry are very special and I am blessed to be a part of a beginning legacy.

As our school mission statement says, “East Perry Miners Strive for Excellence” and this could not be accomplished without your support. Thank you for all you do to make our school truly exceptional.

Mr. Clifford McIntyre

Ms. Katrina Jett

East Perry Elementary Principal